AIRS Training

AIRS Training is Now Online Only

The AIDS Institute understands that due to the concerns surrounding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), many may be concerned about the status of upcoming public meetings relating to participation and travel for both staff and community members. To address these concerns, we will not be scheduling any in-person AIRS training classes.

However, we will be offering online training on a monthly basis to all AIRS Users across the state.

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If you have more questions about AIRS training, please e-mail Ron Palau. If you need AIRS technical support, please visit our support page for details.

Training Manuals

A variety of AIRS TRAINING MANUALS are also available. Click HERE for a zipped file of ALL our training documents.

Video Tutorials

Please remember that we have a whole library of online video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Click HERE to see the video training that's available online.

Course Descriptions

Below is a list of AIRS training classes available. All staff from AIDS Institute-contracted agencies that have the AIRS installed and setup are eligible for training. The class list includes descriptions, information, and associated pre-requisite classes or skills.

AIRS Basic

This class is "AIRS 101." This class provides a general overview of AIDS Institute funding streams as they relate to an agency’s AIRS program structure. The class includes discussion, demonstration, and the hands-on data entry of client intakes, client historical information, program enrollments, encounter information (in all service categories), group enrollments, group activities, and status changes for admission/discharge, assigned site, and assigned worker. Some basic internal reports are also discussed.

This class is the pre-requisite for all other AIRS classes.

We also have a AIRS Basic video tutorial. While it is not intended to replace the class, this video can help any AIRS user to quickly start using the software. Click HERE to view the video tutorial.

System Administration

This class is an advanced AIRS course that focuses on the technical facets of the system, database management, and management of user access. Included in the class is information on entering staff members, the customization of the built-in security features, the addition of user defined fields, basic troubleshooting techniques, and the un-duplication of clients. The use of AIRS Utilities are also included.

Although many agencies feel that this class is strictly for MIS personnel, it is always best to have a program level person/ Data Manager attend system administration because there are more aspects of the class that deal with data management and reporting than with technology.

Agencies should identify one primary person and one backup person to serve as their system administrators.

AIRS Basic is a pre-requisite.

Counseling, Testing and Referral (Also known as CTR)

This class is for agencies with Counseling and Testing programs that choose to use the AIRS emulation of the CDC scannable forms as opposed to the familiar bubble Forms A, B1 and B2. This class will include the initial CTS setup for sites and staff members as well as the addition of the initial and subsequent batches of Form ID’s. Participants will enter the Counseling and Testing encounter form with it’s associated Forms A, B1 and/or B2. Creation of the CTS Extract, for reporting of CTS Forms, is also discussed.

AIRS Basic is a pre-requisite. Any staff member that is responsible for the entry of Counseling and Testing encounters/services and CDC Forms should attend.

We have a video tutorial of this course available online. Click HERE to view the tutorial.

AIRS Data Management

This hands on advanced AIRS Training is designed for data managers and those interested in analysis of AIRS data. This course will focus on reviewing AIRS data and system setup from both the client and agency perspective. With greater attention being focused on individual client’s histories, referrals, encounters, and testing data, it is imperative that service providers have tools to analyze client information that is both complete and efficient. This course will review ways and reports available within AIRS to effectively manage and examine individual client data. Overseeing data from the agency prospective, data managers should also be familiar with the various areas of agency setup that could affect data collection and quality. Proper agency setup will be reviewed as well as reports that focus on evaluating agency level data quality. What might be of particular interest in this training is a review of the AIRS Data Extracts. The AIRS Data Extracts are free standing tables and files users can upload into third party applications such as MS Excel and MS Access to create their own custom reports for analysis. This course is for experienced users of AIRS. It is not a data entry course.

This course is for experienced users of AIRS. This is not a data entry course.