Paper Forms

Below are the latest AIRS forms available for download. Due to the sheer number and size of the different forms, all forms are in zipped files to facilitate easy download.

If you have any trouble downloading or unzipping these files, please email Tien. Should you have programmatic questions about these forms, please contact your AIDS Institute contract manager.

All forms are in Microsoft Word so you may easily edit the forms to suit your agency's particular program or contract needs.

Below are the complete set of AIRS forms for v9.0.60.

Agency (Client) Intake Forms (zipped)
Agency Setup Forms (zipped)
Anonymous Referral Tracking Forms (zipped)
Assessment Forms (zipped)
Enrollment Forms (zipped)
Group Forms (zipped)
Hepatitis Forms (zipped)
Historical Forms (zipped)
Legal Forms (zipped)
RSR Forms (zipped)
Service Forms (zipped)
Session Based Encounter Forms (zipped)
Syringe Forms (zipped)

Custom Forms

Harm Reduction & Health Hubs-- (Please direct questions about these forms to Donald Grove)

Harm Reduction Services Form
Health Hub Drug Treatment Case Opening/Substace Use Screening Form
Health Hub Drug Treatment Services Form
Anonymous Intake Form for ODUH Services ONLY

Miscellaneous Forms from Prevention--(Please direct questions about the forms below to Maureen Burns)

AIRS Prep Support Group Form 2020
AIRS Short CTR and Intake Form
AIRS Short CTR Only Form
AIRS Short Intake Form
AIRS SDOH Services Short Form--For PREVENTION program use ONLY
HIV Navigation Services (HNS)
HHS Group Encounters Form
HHS Services Form
HHS Sessions Form

Social Networking Strategy (SNS)

SNS Program Disenrollment Form
SNS Encounter Form
SNS Service Definitions
How to Enter SNS Guide