Enhancement & Report Requests

How can we make our software better? How can we make it to help you do your job better? Please let us know about any MODIFICATIONS or ENHANCEMENTS you want added to AIRS. Each request will be reviewed by the AIDS Institute and IF APPROVED, it will be forwarded to our software developers for programming. We are always looking for ways to improve the software, so keep your suggestions coming!

Click the link below to submit a modification or enhancement request:

AIRS Modification/Enhancement Request

If you want to make a request for a specific REPORT to be added to the AIRS External Reporting Application (ERA), please click the link below:

AIRS Custom Report (ERA) Request

However, if you wish to report a bug (a programming mistake), please go to https://airs.freshdesk.com (agency login and password required) or email SUPPORTAIRS@defran.com. Netsmart requests that you set up an user account to report any bugs in their support tracker system so that each bug report can be reported and tracked. E-mail Netwmart for an user login and password if you do not have an account.