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Below are categorized AIRS instructional documents and links to video tutorials on the AIRSNY YouTube Channel. If you have any questions about the resources listed on this page, please email Tien.


Data Entry

AIRS Basic Video

How2–Look up Clients by TC_ID

How2–Completing the Updated Gender Identity/ Sexual Orientation Fields (New Guidance from AIupdated May 2018)

How2–Enter Group Activities

How to Enter a Group Activity Video

How2--Enter STI Screening Results & Referrals for Treatment

How2–Make STI Referrals

STI Referral and Treatment Video

Using the Drug Regimen History Screen Video

Hepatitis Screens Video

Syringe Exchange Video

New Counseling, Testing and Referrals Video

Manage Historical Records Using the Update Tickler Video

Health Hub Drug Treatment Module


Program Administration

Contractor Guidance for HIV/STD/HCV Prevention Program Models

DOP Workplan Program Model


HIV Navigation Services

HNS Webinar Slides ( December, 2018)

HNS FAQ (December, 2018)

HNS Short Form (December, 2018)

HNS Flow Chart (December, 2018)

HNS Definitions (December, 2018)



How2–Review Data Mappings

How2–Save Reports as PDF

Understanding the Routine Contract Manager Report (RCMR)



ERA Reports User Guide

ERA Reports to Check RCMR Data

How2–Install the External Reporting Application (ERA)

How2–Upgrade Existing External Reporting Application (ERA)

External Reporting Application (ERA) Installation and Setup Instructions Video



How2–Create Full AI Extract

How to Generate the Full AI Extract Video

How2–Create the HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Extract

EPI Extract Short Instructions

How to Generate the Epidemiology (EPI) Extract Video

Using the AIRS Data Extracts Video

How2–Use the New Health Commerce Site (HCS) to Upload Files


System Administration

Using the AIRS Utilities Video

Good Housekeeping Tips Video

How2–Backup AIRS in 3 Steps

How to Backup Data Using the AIRS Backup Utility Video

Managing Staff and Security Schemes Video

How to Close Out Staff in AIRS Video

Getting Ready for RSR Video