About AIRS

Designed and to meet the reporting needs of AIDS Institute and its contractors, AIRS is a comprehensive client and service/encounter reporting application. AIRS supports a broad range of provider types, from primary care clinics to multi-service community-based organizations that support a range of services including case management, medical and health related care, substance abuse services, and mental health services. Both HIPAA compliant and compatible with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), AIRS is designed to integrate multiple organizational requirements and client management needs into a single system. AIRS meets all HRSA and CDC reporting requirements.

Client Centered Reporting

AIRS is one of very few systems that cover the full range of HIV services, from prevention to testing to care. The service modules are designed to support the characteristics of the type of service delivered, be it individual, group level, or event-based. Services delivered can be organized by funding stream, location, contract type, service staff, and as well for individual provider needs. AIRS includes data storage and histories to maintain client information including: Client demographics; Housing and poverty status; Insurance History; HIV Status / Risk History; Hepatitis Status/ Risk History; Substance use history; Laboratory test and results; ARV Therapy/Medication History; Pregnancy/ prenatal care status; and Retention in care/Outcome monitoring assessments.

Prevention Reporting

AIRS is compliant with all CDC (Centers for Disease Control) program monitoring data requirements for both Counseling and Testing and Risk Reduction initiatives. AIRS is used by NYS to submit program data to the CDC in XML format for CT and RRA for both AIDS Institute administered programs and for Directly Funded CBOs. The system is regularly updated as requirements and program emphasis change.

Ryan White Reporting

AIRS generates the Ryan White Services Report client level data, and is one of few systems listed by HRSA as RSR-ready. The system includes tools to ensure data completeness based on reporting requirements and Ryan White monitoring standards, including a RSR client-level completeness assessment. Depending on the level of data entered into the system, either a single Part or multiple-Part (A,B,C,D) report can be produced.

Summary of System Features

AIRS is a distributed system, installed at over 250 individual agencies for internal data management and reporting, but capable of generating client level data for state and regional databases. The system runs on both standalone computers and networks. Security settings are flexible and robust. Recent additions to the AIRS system include a standardized HL7 interface for import of lab results (utilizing the CorePoint interface engine); a companion reporting module that generates graphic reports with drill-down based in Crystal Reports which complements the over 120 reports that are included in the system; and an extract of reportable cases based on NY State’s surveillance requirements for comparison to lab reports and other data sources.

The AIRS system is offered free of charge to any publicly-funded HIV/AIDS service provider or jurisdiction. For additional information please call 518-402-6790.