AIRS Prevention Call Minutes & Handouts

Here are the minutes and handouts of the Prevention Calls.

For your reference, we keep two years' worth of minutes on this page.

2019 Minutes

November--No minutes

2018 Minutes (zipped file of all 2018 minutes)


Social Networking Strategy (SNS)

SNS Program Disenrollment Form
SNS Encounter Form
SNS Service Definitions
How to Enter SNS Guide
SNS Flow Chart

HIV Navigation Services (HNS)

HNS Webinar Slides ( December, 2018)
HNS FAQ (December, 2018)
HNS Short Form (December, 2018)
HNS Flow Chart (December, 2018)
HNS Definitions (December, 2018)

Instructions, Forms, and ERA

AIRS Instructions (How to's) and Tutorials Links
AIRS Short Intake Form (Updated May, 2018)
AIRS Short CTR Form 2020 (for v8.9.900)
AIRS Short CTR Form (Updated May, 2018)
EPI Extract Instructions
ERA Install and Upgrade Instructions
ERA Reports User Guide (Updated June, 2019)

Presentations and Guidance Documents

2020 New CTR Guidance Webinar
2018 HIV Testing High Achievers webinar link

SOGI Data Presentation (May 2018)
Understanding the Routine Contract Manager Report (RCMR)
Contractor Guidance for HIV/STD/HCV Prevention Program Models