Ryan White Services Report (RSR)

Beginning January 1, 2009, all Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grantees and service providers began reporting client level data for HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau using the Ryan White Services Report (RSR).The RSR is a system for reporting Grantee, Provider, and Client Level Data on clients served who are eligible to receive Ryan White funded services.

Understanding RSR Eligible Scope Reporting

As you know, starting in 2015, the RSR reporting scope changed from Funded to Eligible. To help providers understand what this change is all about and how AIRS will handle this change, we had put together a presentation for our users at our NYC User Group Meeting as well as our User Group Webinar. Below is a link to the slides (in PDF) shown during those presentations.

RSR: Funded to Eligible Scope--What You Need to Know

The 2018 RSR

The AIRS Upgrade to V8.9.888 (released in December 2018) contains the necessary changes for the full year 2018 RSR. Please upgrade to this version if you have not done so before creating your 2018 RSR Extract. To help you with the 2018 RSR process, we have outlined the 2018 RSR steps in an easy to use guide. Click HERE to download a copy.

All 2018 RSR Extracts from AIRS must be submitted to the AIDS Institute no later than Monday, February 25, 2019.

The 2018 Annual RSR Process

The AIDS Institute will work with you to finalize your RSR submission. This entails the following.

1. Starting February 4, 2019, enter and validate the ‘RSR Provider Report’ on the HRSA RSR website.
2. Finalize AIRS client data entry and any needed changes of Unknown or Missing data.
3. Create the RSR Extract from AIRS and upload it to the AIDS Institute via HCS
4. Review your ‘RSR Completeness Reports’ created and sent by the AIDS Institute
5. When RSR is final, request the RSR client-level data XML from the AIDS Institute
6. Upload the XML to the HRSA-EHB by the HRSA submission deadline of March 4, 2019 where it must be in ‘Review’ or ‘Submitted’ status.

As with previous year submissions, the Institute will be using the Zendesk email ticketing system for all RSR-related communications. Due to the RSR containing limited Protected Health Information (PHI), the RSR Extract must be forwarded to AI via the HCS (see section below).  It will not be accepted as an email attachment.

An Important Note About the RSR Extract & HIPAA

To be HIPAA-compliant, the RSR Extracts MUST BE SUBMITTED to AIDS Institute via the Secure Health Commerce System (HCS) pathway using the “Ryan White Annual Services Report (RSR)” option. Click HERE for step-by-step instructions. This is to protect you! The RSR Extract contains limited PHI (Protected Health Information) and MUST NOT BE SENT VIA EMAIL over the Internet.

If it occurs, it is a HIPAA violation which the government takes seriously. Any RSR Extract attachment to the email will not be accepted as it will be stripped out before receipt (even though it has traveled across the internet and the “damage” is done).

Remember: NEVER transmit the RSR extract as an attachment via email.

RSR Resources from the AIDS Institute

The resources below are developed by the AIDS Institute to help you prepare for your report.

Guide to the RSR Provider Report-- Completing the screens in AIRS

Guide to the RSR Provider Report--Completing the RSR Provider Report on the HRSA website

How2 Create the RSR--A printable document on how to create the RSR

How to Use the Health Commerce System (HCS)

Getting Ready for the RSR Video Tutorial--a step-by-step video on understanding the RSR, getting data ready for reporting and how to create the RSR extract.

Understanding the RSR Completeness Report from the AIDS Institute--This document will explain in detail how you should interpret your agency's completeness report.

How2 Look Up Clients by TC_ID

Guide to the 2018 RSR--A Question-by-Question Guide to Locate RSR Information in AIRS

2018 AIRS Services Grouped by RDR Mapping

How Poverty Level is Calculated--This link will take you to the US Census website.

Additional RSR Resources from HRSA

The resources below are published by HRSA to help providers prepare for the RSR.

HRSA Target Center--Tools for the Ryan White Community

The official HRSA RSR Instruction Manual

The RSR Technical Assistance Brochure

RSR Data Dictionary and XML Schema

RSR Submission Timeline