Here are "How2" documents that explain in detail frequently asked questions in AIRS. The documents are in PDF.

HOW2--Complete the Updated Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation Fields (New Guidance from AI, updated May 2018)

HOW2--Use the External Reporting Application (ERA) Reports

HOW2--Install the External Reporting Application (ERA)

HOW2--Upgrade Existing External Reporting Application (ERA)

HOW2--Create the HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Extract (Updated March, 2017)

HOW2--Create Full AI Extract

How2--Use the New Health Commerce Site (HCS) to Upload Files (Updated March, 2017)

HOW2--Review Data Mappings

HOW2--Save Reports as PDF

HOW2--Backup AIRS in 3 Steps

HOW2--Look up Clients by TC_ID

HOW2--Enter Group Activities

HOW2--Make STI Referrals